Flexible, All-in-One Solution to Amplify Your Sales

Sound POS is a comprehensive POS system with a cloud portal that merges POS functionality with integrated customer-facing payments and a thermal printer, all within a single ergonomic device. Optionally include a cash drawer and barcode scanner to create a comprehensive, cost-effective, enterprise-level point-of-sale system specifically crafted for small to medium businesses. 

Why Choose Sound POS?

Meet Your Client’s Needs

  •    Choose your own credit card processor
  •    Option to make revenue on software and hardware
  •    Simple solution that your existing salesforce can sell
  •    Establish your own price to sell to merchants
  •    Remote management of merchant terminals
  •    Connectivity – quickly ands eamlessly get back online

Adaptability, Flexibility at an Attractive Price Point

You will not find a more comprehensive POS system that allows you the flexibility to choose your own processor, offers a robust online management platform and provides real-time reporting -- all at an incredible price point.

Training and Support Every Step of the Way

Our merchant set-up support is top notch, offering one-on-one trainings or free monthly trainings. We listen to our ISOs and have the ability to modify our POS to meet the needs of merchants.

24/7 Customer Support for you and your merchants

With our courteous and experienced 24-7 customer support, you’re only a phone call, text,or email away from help.

Customers can Operate their Business Anywhere.

Manage inventory, pricing, payroll, sales by device, and consumer shopping trends from a PC, tablet or mobile device via the Cloud Portal. Installation, set-up and maintenance is simple!


  •    View information across multiple locations
  •    Real-time data and reporting
  •    Automatic software updates
  •    Reduce reliance on IT staff for software support

White Glove Customer Service

Sound POS provides round-the-clock customer support with minimal hold times, ensuring you can speak to a real person and promptly get your questions answered. Additionally, we offer complimentary monthly training, inventory uploads, and demos for your merchants upon request.

Processor Agnostic

Sound Payments is not a processor. That means you get to choose who to use for your merchants. Experience increased profitability while enjoying the flexibility to make choices that align with your business preferences.

White Label Options Available

Sound POS provides ISOs and Resellers with the opportunity to White Label our solution. Reach out to us for comprehensive details on how we can tailor Sound POS to perfectly align with your specific requirements.

Sound Payments and Equinox Announce Completion of Quantum Cloud Integration

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. and PHOENIX, Ariz. (July 23, 2024) – Sound Payments, a processor-agnostic POS...

Q & A with the Sound Payments Leadership Team – Digital Transactions

Q & A with the Sound Payments Leadership Team originally published by Digital Transactions.

Sound Payments Empowers Businesses with Seamless Wireless Connectivity  

Sound Payments, an industry leader in payment acceptance and point-of-sale (POS) technology, is proud to announce seamless wireless connectivity, utilizing the Sound POS platform and the mobile, pocket-sized A77.

Sound Payments Introduces a New Device to Further Strengthen the Mobile Options for Sound POS 

Sound Payments is further supporting point-of-sale and payments on-the-go by releasing Sound POS on the A77 today,



"During the past several months my sales team has worked directly with Cesar Carrasco and support staff on a project involving a POS system for a medium-sized restaurant. We have been so impressed with the level of staff support and the reliability of the Sound POS system that we are developing a sales platform whereby Sound POS would be our first priority to merchants who want to run their business from a single POS system."

- Anthony Osborn, CEO, Dynacepts Merchant Services


"The Sound Payments team went above and beyond with customer service and technical support to help my client. The level of personal attention and professionalism was greatly appreciated and as a result, I expect that we will be doing more business in the future. Thanks to the amazing team!"

- Omar Alauthman, Account Manager, American Dream Payment Solutions

Feature Rich System


  •    Product Look up
  •    Modify Product & add inventory
  •   Checkout
  •   Customer look up & track data
  •   Apply discount via inventory and/or at checkout
  •   Support multiple payment types
  •   Print/email receipts
  •   Receipt look up for returns
  •   Hold check


  •   Cloud-based
  •   Low investment cost
  •   Software updates
  •   Onboarding services
  •   Create custom receipts

Inventory Control

  •   Monitor sales by device
  •   Track inventory
  •   Inventory movement


  •   Transaction detail & report
  •   Inventory sales report
  •   Employee & customer sales report
  •   Sales tax report
  •   Category & payment report

Easy Set-up & Configuration

Setting up and configuring the system is straightforward, offering all the essential features for modern small business operations. When paired with Sound POS Mobile, merchants gain the flexibility to process customer checkouts anywhere in the store, at drive-up locations, curbside, or through home delivery.

24/7 Customer Support

Our 24/7 customer support, staffed by courteous and experienced professionals, ensures assistance is just a phone call, text, or email away—day or night.

Hassle Free & Affordable

For small business owners weary of high monthly fees associated with complex point-of-sale systems, Sound POS presents a refreshing alternative. It's an advanced solution that integrates POS functions seamlessly with Cloud Portal features directly at the point of sale. Merchants can select from a range of all-in-one devices combining POS and payment functions. The Cloud Portal empowers merchants to efficiently manage inventory, pricing, discounts, accounting, payroll, sales trends, customer satisfaction, and more—from any device with a browser. Installation, setup, and maintenance are hassle-free!

We are Processor Agnostic

You decide who to work with

Sound POS Hardware Options

Sound POS also runs on a variety of POS terminals and allows for additional options such as a detached customer-facing PIN Pad. Our mobile POS terminal can operate as a stand-alone or companion solution for line busting, deliveries or the option to take payments anywhere in the store. All of our Sound POS devices are perfect solutions for small to medium businesses, such as Food Trucks, Boutiques, Retail and Quick Serve Stores, Smoke and Liquor Shops, Kiosks, Medical Offices, and Grocery Stores. 

The Elys Family

The Interactive, Dynamic POS

The latest Elys Family of POS hardware choices provides a secure and user-friendly experience, presented in a sophisticated and modern design.


The Fast, Advanced POS

The E800 terminal combines ECR and Consumer Payments functionality into a single, ergonomic solution, reducing merchant hardware costs and eliminating clutter at the point-of-sale.


The Versatile, Modern POS

The color tablet with smart automatic brightness feature and built-in hybrid card reader is ergonomically designed to improve viewing and ensure both users and shoppers get the best experience.

A920 Pro

The Cost-Effective, Handheld POS

The A920 Pro with Sound POS gives merchants the ability to checkout customers at the counter or use it remotely for line busting, home deliveries, or to take orders and payments anywhere in the store.

E600 Mini

The Ultimate, On-the-Go POS

The E600 Mini is a high-performance POS device that can operate as a countertop and handheld mobile POS. With it’s dual-facing displays, both merchants and customers can experience a smooth, and secure checkout.

E700 Mini

The Smart, Space-Saving POS

The E700 Mini stands out as a versatile and potent payment terminal, perfect for on-the-go businesses. It boasts a spacious touchscreen, a durable battery, and a built-in high-speed printer, ensuring a swift transaction processing.


The Smart & Mobile POS

The A800 offers high performance and the flexibility to be used as either a countertop device or mobile solution.


The Android MiniPOS

The A77 is designed to fit comfortably in your hand and seamlessly integrate with your business, providing an unparalleled experience in the market.

Detached Pin-Pad Options

With Sound POS, merchants can add a detached customer facing PIN pad for ease of use and expanded functionality. 

The Easy-to-Use Cloud Portal

Merchants using Sound POS can enjoy the convenience of managing their entire system remotely. With the capability to update inventory, run reports, view transactions, and analyze customer activity, all in real-time, this functionality provides unparalleled flexibility. Whether you’re at the office, at home, or on the go, you can access and control your business operations seamlessly from any Internet-connected device. This remote management feature not only enhances efficiency but also empowers merchants with the tools to make informed decisions promptly and adapt to changing business needs effortlessly.




Consumer Insights


Sales by Device

Employee Management


Accounting & Payroll