Onboarding & Deployment

Sound Payments is excited to announce that the Sound POS team will now offer boarding and deployment services for resellers. Historically, resellers have been responsible for this. Resellers have requested assistance from the Sound POS team and are in need of these services.

The Sound POS team members are experts at the solution and platform, and boarding and deployment can be challenging to some resellers to take on that responsibility.

Now, Sound Payments will give the option to handle those services for a fee. The services include web portal configuration/creating the store, inventory uploading and personalized one-on-one merchant training.

What is included in boarding and deployment?

Boarding and deployment includes configuring the devices to get them ready for a merchant, setting up the web portal/creating the Sound Payments store, uploading inventory and personalized training for merchants. Additionally, Sound Payments will ship the devices directly to the merchant.

Payment app set up includes configuring the device for things like whether it will accept tips (percentages or dollar presets), PIN debit and auto batch.

Merchant store set up includes tax rates, tips, signature, receipt requirements and customization.

How is it priced?

Pricing is based on the services that are selected. For information on pricing, please contact our team at info@soundpayments.com.

What kind of on-going support is provided for merchants?

Our merchant support is top notch, offering free monthly trainings; and with our courteous and experienced 24-7 customer support, you’re only a phone call, text, or email away from help.

Latest Enhancements to Sound POS

User Friendly System

With an intuitive interface, ease of use, and streamlined design, the Elys Family makes it easy for users to navigate and process transactions efficiently.

Elegant Design

The design of the Elys family is sleek, modern, and functional, with each component serving a specific purpose in the payment processing workflow.

POS Migration

This allows merchants to import their Customer, Inventory, and Transaction history to our system. The templates are a mapping guide for each section. It is seamless, without much intervention on the part of the operator.

Return/Refund Categorization

Merchants will be able to set up categories for returns (didn’t fit, wrong color, defective, etc.). These categories are unique per merchant. We’ve also added a new report so they can see why things are being returned. This is a risk management feature. In addition, they’ll be able to choose whether or not to send it back into inventory.

Manual Entry Categorization

Merchants already have the ability to categorize items. Now when they manually enter an item that is not in regular inventory (i.e. weighted candy like fudge that’s individually priced), the system will pop up a drop-down list of their already established categories and allow them to choose it. It won’t put it into inventory because these items wouldn’t normally be put into inventory. This can then be traced back to the reports when pulled up by category.

Advanced Printing at Checkout

This enhancement allows the merchant to choose specific printers to print to after a sale in a multiple printer environment such as a restaurant with multiple kitchens.

Extended Payout Reporting

Payout report will pull data for up to 2 years. This makes end of year reporting easier.

Tobacco Rebates and Reporting

Sound POS leverages mKonnekt’s technology by using tobacco manufacturers’ loyalty and coupon programs that are offered to retailers, most often used in c-stores. This allows merchants to create reports of the daily tobacco sales combined with coupons and loyalty discounts applied to them. Once submitted, mKonnekt transmits it to the tobacco manufacturer and they pay the merchant the funds redeemed by their customers on those discounts.

We are Processor Agnostic

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