Updates Provide a Better, Efficient Experience and More Options for the Merchant


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. March 5, 2024 – Sound Payments, a processor-agnostic POS and payments software and technology provider, announced today the release of updates to its already-compliant pricing functionality that improves the Sound POS user experience.

“Reseller feedback is an important part of any update,” said Andrew Russell, CEO of Sound Payments. “This release gives our resellers the tools they need to sell Sound POS and provides merchants with more options and a better experience.”

The changes provide more flexibility by allowing cash or credit to be selected when inputting pricing for inventory. With either selection, the system will automatically calculate the proper amounts to increase or decrease, depending on cash or credit price. This flexibility gives merchants the choice but also prevents affecting those using upcharge. Product inventory will be clearly marked as credit price you charge or cash price you charge based on the option the merchant chooses in payment settings.

The update includes making cash price for manual entry as the default. However, if the consumer chooses credit or debit as the payment, the system will calculate the credit price using a formula that takes into account the cash discount percentage.

The display for dual pricing will still show both prices but the software will use the same formula to calculate the credit/debit price. Resellers can learn more about this update in one of the upcoming webinars. Visit the website for more information.

“We are excited to roll out improvements every month, whether that be additional services , software updates or more hardware options,” said Cesar Carrasco, national sales manager and vice president. “We are focused on what we can do to make our resellers more successful.”

The previous pricing functionality changes in 2023 made the system compliant with the regulations announced by Visa. In that phase of updates, mark-up on debit was eliminated, surcharging was capped at 3 percent and the receipt showed the adjusted price and the original price.

Sound POS accepts any payment method, including card payments -magnetic, chip and contactless, and digital payment – ApplePay, GooglePay, SamsungPay, UnionPay, WeChat and Alipay. The system allows merchants to remotely manage inventory, pricing and discounts, run reports, sales trends and customer satisfaction all in real-time through our seamless commerce portal.

Resellers in the payments industry choose Sound POS for its ease of use, including the ability to transfer devices to a different merchant. Sound POS offers a white label option, a lower price point, a processor neutral approach, the cloud-based platform and system options such as cash discounting.

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