About Sound Payments

Sound Payments, headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, is dedicated to providing innovative payment acceptance and point-of-sale technology solutions to ISOs and ISVs. Sound Payments is a software provider for niche markets and is processor agnostic. We have products and services in numerous business lines and we are proud of that. 

Our company provides better, secure technology solutions that positively impact lives worldwide. Sound Payments’ team of experts deliver results, helping businesses grow and increase profits. They solve challenges that make doing business and life easier. 

Sound Payments team of experts focuses on providing a simplified approach and customized solutions in all channels. Our company offers only the best hardware and software solutions. Sound Payments emphasizes technical support and customer service while offering value-added, feature-rich products and services at a cost-effective price. 

Company Vision

To improve lives worldwide and foster business growth by delivering better technology and software solutions in the payments and point-of-sale industry.

Company Mission

To provide cutting-edge, simplified technology solutions to merchants and resellers that are currently burdened by expensive, complex and ineffective software. 

Our Team

Andrew Russell


Andrew P. Russell is President of Sound Payments Inc. Russell leads a team of innovators in offering the best in software development, state-of-the-art equipment, unparalleled technical and customer service delivery, advanced security and compliance, training, and double digit ROI for customers and shareholders.

Scott McArthur

Senior VP and Chief Technology Officer

Scott McArthur is Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. He is an accomplished leader with a demonstrated history of successful IT implementations delivered on-time and within budget expectations. McArthur is a confident and patient mentor that has helped guide several employees, many of whom are now Directors or Senior Managers for major companies.

Michelle Danisovszky

Senior VP of Marketing

Michelle Danisovszky is Vice President of Marketing at Sound Payments Inc. Danisovszky leads marketing and communications for the company and works with the company partners to support their efforts. She has more than 15 years of experience in public relations, marketing and governmental affairs. Danisovszky has a proven record of accomplishments with implementing marketing and communication plans and in media relations. For the past 5+ years, she has worked with several start-up companies to help successfully bring products and services to the market.

Cesar Rivas

Senior VP of Operations

Cesar Rivas, Senior Vice President of Operations and National Sales Executive at Sound Payments, oversees operational and sales functions, including equipment deployment, customer support, CRM, inventory management, and training, focusing on solutions like Sound POS and Quantum Cloud in the payment services industry. With over 5 years at Sound Payments and a background in technology, sales, and management, Cesar effectively leads efforts in delivering cutting-edge technology and streamlining operations. Before joining Sound Payments, he spent over a decade at PNC Bank, where he led teams in establishing new branches and provided high-quality customer service to help clients achieve their financial goals. He holds certifications in Microsoft Networking technologies, Consumer and Business Banking, Business Lending, and the Business of Banking, along with an associate degree in computer information systems and completed coursework in computer programming.

Cesar Carrasco

VP of National Sales

Cesar Carrasco serves as the Vice President of National Sales at Sound Payments, bringing over two decades of expertise in sales and marketing strategy to his role. With a wealth of experience, Carrasco is spearheading the Sound POS team, dedicated to establishing the Sound Payments POS system as a premier product within the payment industry. Prior to assuming this position, he held the roles of senior account manager and sales director at Sound Payments. In these capacities, Carrasco effectively managed all facets of sales, business development, and account management, focusing on promoting cost-effective electronic payment, banking, and healthcare solutions to POS vendors, ISVs, resellers, healthcare ISOs, and MSPs. Additionally, he successfully oversaw the activities and goals of a high-performance sales team.

Jifei Tong

VP of Accounting

Jifei Tong is the Vice President of Accounting at Sound Payments Inc. Jifei obtained his master’s degree in Corporate Accounting from Florida State University in 2010. With more than ten years managerial experience in multinational manufacturers and several years accountant experience in banking, Jifei is committed to upholding the highest standards of financial integrity and transparency while serving for Sound Payments towards continued success in a dynamic business environment.

Richard Egozcue

General Counsel & Chief HR Officer

Before joining Sound Payments, Inc. as their General Counsel and Chief Human Resources Office, Mr. Egozcue’s former practice areas included international tax-transfer pricing, intellectual property, antitrust, employment law, corporate law and federal government contracting matters. Mr. Egozcue has worked at various national and multinational employers, including the Robins, Kaplan, Miller and Ciresi law firm and the Big 4 Ernst & Young accounting firm, where he had a variety of local, national and multinational clients.

What differentiates Sound Payments from competitors in your space?

Our Sound POS product offers a top-notch point-of-sale solution without the headaches merchants experience from other providers. We are processor agnostic and we have a white glove approach when it comes to service and support. 

What are your primary products and services?

We offer software solutions that are customized and white labeled by our partners. Our most visible products are Sound POS and Quantum (our semi-integrated customer-facing PIN pad payment acceptance solution). Additionally, we license software to partners that provides unique, custom payment acceptance solutions. 

How does working with Sound Payments benefit ISOs, MLSs and other payments enterprises?

Sound Payment’s primary customers are ISOs and ISVs. We are not a processor. We do not obtain revenue from transaction fees. We are a software licensing company. This is a great benefit to ISOs because we don’t compete with them. We provide a benefit to ISVs by complementing their existing solutions with our own POS or providing our Quantum product for their POS. 

What's next for Sound Payments?

This year we are laser focused on enhancing our POS and growing that part of the business. Our Sound POS and Quantum (cloud-based, semi-integrated PIN pad payment acceptance platform) products have proven their potential as the company’s core product lines. They see growth every year and this year we will focus more on efforts to foster that growth to bring them to their full potential. 

How can we work with Sound Payments?

We are always looking for partners whether that be ISVs who would be interested in our third-party API or ISOs looking to provide a better POS for their merchants and make more revenue at the same time. We love hearing from people in the industry. Give us a call or email us to set up a time to chat so we can see how we can work with each other. 

We’re Hiring

Our company offers a wonderful opportunity to work in a fast-paced, exciting environment with tremendous growth opportunities and competitive benefits. We support our Armed Forces and encourage qualified Veterans, Reservists, and members of the National Guard to apply.

Accounting Manager

Jacksonville, FL

Sound Payments Inc. is looking for Senior Accounant/Accounting Manager to lead and support finance, business planning, and budgeting for Sound Payments. This position plays a critical role in corporate decision-making, and is part of the senior leadership team.

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