Sound Easy Pump is a unique retrofit payment solution for the petroleum industry that is cost effective, PCI compliant, and accepts EMV, Mag-Stripe, and Contactless payment transactions directly at the pump.

Independent stations can now meet industry requirements without  expensive upgrades or extended service interruptions.

Ready to offer Sound Easy Pump to your station owners?

Discover the comprehensive benefits of the Sound Payments Hosted Services License:

Cloud Hosted Platform

Seamlessly onboard, process transactions, and generate reports through our cutting-edge cloud-hosted platform.

API Specification

Integrate effortlessly with diverse merchant platforms, including POS systems, leveraging our flexible API specifications.

Terminal Payment Application

Elevate your payment experience with our semi-integrated terminal payment application. This robust solution encompasses EMV, NFC, Credit, and Debit functionalities, ensuring smooth transactions. Unlock additional features such as Gift and Loyalty programs, subject to processor certification. With direct integration to acquirer/processor systems, enjoy streamlined payment processing and settlement operations.

Sound Payments offers Assisted Services in addition to our hosted services that include:


  •    24/7 Support
  •    Boarding
  •    On-Site Installation Services

Sound Easy Pump works with Resellers to bring station owners across the United States an afforable solution to secure payments at the pump. Get in touch with us today to explore how we can collaborate as partners.


If you’re a station owner seeking Sound Easy Pump, reach out to us, and we’ll connect you with a reliable Reseller to begin.

Are you a Station Owner or Reseller?

Why Sound Easy Pump?

Unique Retrofit Solution


  • Proven, simplified method with 1500
    fueling points installed
  • Compatible with any communicating dispenser and a growing number of Point of Sale systems
  • Platform accepts numerous payment
    methods: coupons, wallet apps, loyalty
    programs and gift cards
  • Magstripe will start phasing out in 2024

Solve EMV and PCI


  • Liability shift date was April 17, 2021
  • Major target for fraud – eliminate risk and meets industry requirements at a competitive price
  • Payments are done at the terminal, direct
    to payment processor
  • Remove sensitive PCI data from store

Easy to Install


  • Seamless transition – unique, non intrusive approach to connecting hardware to the pump
  • Integration to existing systems
  • Works with First Data and Heartland
  • Wi-Fi from pump to store eliminates costly new cable



  • No other available solution on the market
    that offers a similar level of features at our
    low price

Sound Easy Pump works with most stations, including NRS, Passport, Wayne Fusion, and Verifone Commander*. Further integrations are underway and Sound Payments continues to expand POS providers.