Originally published on Digital Transactions, May 28, 2024

  • What does Sound Payments do in the payments industry?

Sound Payments is dedicated to listening to the voice of the customer to provide value-add innovative payment acceptance and point-of-sale technology solutions to ISOs and ISVs. Sound Payments is a software provider for niche markets and is processor agnostic. We have products and services in numerous business lines, and we are proud of that.

  • How and when was Sound Payments formed?

Sound Payment’s was founded in 2016 in Jacksonville, FL. with its patented technology, Quantum Cloud. The company’s creation was led by CEO Andrew Russell with the initial mission to help solve, improve and simplify communication and connection issues between POS and payment terminals in the payments industry. The team aimed to do this cost-effectively to meet the needs of small to medium merchants. In 2018, the company launched Sound POS and Sound Easy Pump went live at gas stations also using patented technology.

  • What are your primary products and services?

We offer software solutions that can be customized and white labeled by our partners. Our most visible products are Sound POS and Quantum (our semi-integrated customer-facing PIN pad payment acceptance solution) as well as Sound Easy Pump, our solution that enables EMV at gas pumps at a fraction of what it costs traditionally. Additionally, we license software to partners that provides unique, custom payment acceptance solutions.

  • What differentiates Sound Payments from competitors in your space?

Our Sound POS product offers a top-notch point-of-sale solution without the headaches merchants experience from other providers. We are processor agnostic, and we have a white glove approach when it comes to service, support and sales. We are able to quickly adjust to market trends and the needs of our customers.

  • How does working with Sound Payments benefit ISOs, MLSs and other payments enterprises?

Sound Payment’s primary customers are ISOs and ISVs. We are not a processor. We do not obtain revenue from transaction fees. We are a software licensing company. This is a great benefit to ISOs because we don’t compete with them. We provide a benefit to ISVs by complementing their existing solutions with our own POS or providing our Quantum product for their POS.

  • What’s next for Sound Payments?

This year we are laser-focused on enhancing our POS and growing that part of the business, including enhancements to support C-stores. Our Sound POS and Quantum (cloud-connected, semi-integrated PIN pad payment acceptance platform) products have proven their potential as the company’s core product lines. They see growth every year and this year we will focus more on efforts to foster that growth to bring them to their full potential. We are also working on integrations with several major hardware providers. The company also launched boarding and deployment and training services this year.

  • Is there anything you’d like to add?

We are always looking for partners whether that be ISVs who would be interested in our third-party API or ISOs looking to enhance their product offering or want to provide a better POS for their merchants and make more revenue at the same time. We love hearing from people in the industry. Give us a call or email us to set up a time to chat so we can see how we can work with each other.