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Sound Payments, a Jacksonville, Fla.-based company, was established in 2016 by Andrew Russell, a serial entrepreneur and innovator who focuses on making life simple, effective and efficient.

Sound Payments launched its first product in 2019 called Quantum Cloud Solutions, patented technology. Quantum continues to be a top product that the company sells today. From Day One, Sound Payments has specialized in the small and midsize merchant segment, providing cost-effective software and technology services in accordance with each partner’s unique requirements.

Russell, who serves as Sound Payments CEO, leads the company’s 40 employees in creating customized, processor-agnostic solutions for ISOs and ISVs across numerous industries and sectors. Sound POS is a comprehensive, all-inclusive POS with an online, cloud-based management portal accessible by any electronic device with internet access. And Quantum Cloud architecture eliminates IP addressing and firewall issues that plague POS developers when connecting their applications to semi-integrated payment devices, the company stated.

Previously, in addition to serving as a major in the United States Army Reserves, Russell specialized in communications security and worked with electronic systems, satellite communications and cryptology technology. In addition, his documented leadership, business acumen and performance results led him to numerous promotions in an extensive 20-plus year banking career that began in 1994.

When asked what differentiates Sound Payments from similar companies in the payments space, Russell cited the company’s technology suite, easy-to-deploy solutions, and white-glove approach to service and support. The company is quick to adjust to market trends, he added, as well as the needs of its customers.

Heritage of innovation


Reflecting on the company’s historic milestones, Russell noted the 2019 launch of Sound Easy Pump, a flagship solution for the petroleum market that uses patented technology. In addition, he mentioned the company is proud of its array of software solutions, many of which have been customized and white-labeled for its sales channel partners.

“Our most visible products are Sound POS and Quantum, our semi-integrated customer-facing PIN pad payment acceptance solution,” he said. “Additionally, we license software to partners that provides unique, custom payment acceptance solutions.”

As he looked ahead to the future, Russell said that he and his team look forward to continuing to serve ISOs, merchant level salespeople, ISVs and other payments enterprises, which have been the primary focus of the company since its early days.

“Sound Payment’s primary customers are ISOs and ISVs,” he said. “We are not a processor. We do not obtain revenue from transaction fees. We are a software licensing company. This is a great benefit to ISOs because we don’t compete with them.”

Russell went on to say that Sound Payments provides benefits to ISVs by complementing their existing solutions with its own POS and by providing its Quantum product to enhance their POS offerings.

Full innovation pipeline


Russell also hinted at upcoming innovations in the company’s near-term product road map, stating that the company continues to be laser focused on enhancing its POS and growing that part of the business.

“Our Sound POS and Quantum cloud-based, semi-integrated PIN pad payment acceptance platform products have proven their potential as the company’s core product lines,” he said. “They see growth every year, and this year we will focus more on efforts to foster that growth to bring them to their full potential.”   Russell affirmed that Sound Payments will continue to look for partners, whether independent software vendors or independent sales organizations. He also believes ISVs may be interested in the company’s third-party API, and ISOs may want to partner with Sound Payments to enhance their product offerings, provide merchants with better POS solutions and make more revenue at the same time.

“We love hearing from people in the industry,” Russell said. “Give us a call or email us to set up a time to chat and let’s discuss how we can work with each other.”