SOUNDPAYMENTS | Randall Burnette
Sound Payments is a multi-channel, diversified technology company with innovators and experts in the Payments, Healthcare, Petroleum and Financial Services Industries. Our company supports business growth worldwide by providing cutting-edge, simplified software and hardware solutions in multiple industries.
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Randall Burnette

EVP Technology, ISV Channel


Randall (Randy) Burnette is Executive Vice President of the Technology, ISV channel at Sound Payments Inc.   He is responsible for bringing technology and business solutions together to meet the growing payment needs of the ISV market.   In the ISV channel, Burnette oversees all aspects of the business line, including the services offered, the packaging for the market, the marketing aspects, the technology pairing and the sales of these services.


Burnette is a 30-year payments professional with expertise in the processor/acquirer areas, POS device areas and in solution delivery organizations.   Burnette is an accomplished software executive having built and led large global organizations that deliver technology for a variety of payment needs.   He has worked in many regional areas of the world and has strong knowledge of the world wide payments industry.


Burnette is an innovator and leader in the payments industry.  He is heavily engaged in the EMV migration, providing expert advise in areas of testing and certification and general EMV implementation.  Burnette served on the US Payments Forum Steering Committee and was Chair and Co-Chair of the Testing and Certification group. Burnette is frequently asked to serve as a speaker in the industry, offering his knowledge on a variety of topics at forum meetings.


He is a believer in the importance of recognizing opportunities, seizing those opportunities and evolving to provide a better product and payments solution for businesses worldwide. Burnette has a daughter who is a competitive swimmer. He enjoys traveling to experience different cultures and foods.



Get-to-know Randy Q & A

What attracted you to the FinTech industry and Sound Payments Inc.?

Randy: I have been in the Fintech industry for more than 30 years. This is a great time to be in Fintech with the convergence of technology to bring convenience and ease of use to the merchant base.   As a technologist, the fast pace of the changes is the exciting aspect.

What is your focus at Sound Payments?

Randy: I bring technology solutions bundled with services to the market.   We are focused on segments of the U.S. market, specifically in the ISV community, to help this group move to EMV, remove PCI scope from their systems and help them drive more value through added services offerings.

How do you create value and what do you enjoy the most?

Randy: With the addition of EMV, this is a highly technical market. PCI has always been there and has been difficult and costly for many of the ISV groups.  The value I help deliver is the ease of use of the solutions we provide, which is exactly what I enjoy – providing a better way that is feasible for businesses to ease their major payment challenges.

What would be the top two most interesting places you visited and what was the most memorable moment?

Randy: I have been fortunate in my professional career to have traveled extensively.   I have been to many beautiful places, but I would put Madrid and Sydney as my favorite places to visit.  Starting with Madrid, the history, the architecture and the food was amazing.  Seeing Plaza Mayor for the first time, experience this amazing area of Madrid was one of the highlights and a place I visit each time I go.   Sydney was amazing, running through the botanical gardens, by the Opera House and seeing the Sydney/North Sydney bridge were truly amazing.  The beaches are amazing with spectacular views.

What is your favorite book?

Randy: The Outliers by Malcom Gladwell was one of my favorite business books.   The book examined extremely successful people – converging personal conditions and market conditions and the fact they took full advantage of the circumstances. In day-to-day work and life, you never know when you will be presented opportunities.  The key is to look for them and not let them pass you by without taking full advantage.  In corporate America, we get lost in the details and can lose the forest for the trees. Opportunities are everywhere, we just need to be looking.