SOUNDPAYMENTS | Electronic Cash Register (ECR) All-in-one Solutions
Sound Payments is a multi-channel, diversified technology company with innovators and experts in the Payments, Healthcare, Petroleum and Financial Services Industries. Our company supports business growth worldwide by providing cutting-edge, simplified software and hardware solutions in multiple industries.
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Electronic Cash Register (ECR) All-in-one Solutions

Become a Reseller for Sound Payments

We want you to join us as a partner in delivering better solutions to merchants! Our partners love working with us and making more money with our solutions…and merchants love our all-in-one ECR solution with it’s many features and modern design.


Why Sound Payments?

  • Make more money upselling POS systems versus stand alone terminals
  • Differentiate yourself with your own white label POS
  • Increase retention when your solution is running the business
  • Increase cash flow by leasing hardware & software bundles

Electronic Cash Register (ECR) All-in-one Solutions

The future is storefront ECR, a tablet-based POS that combines POS and Payment functions on a single, ergonomic, cost-effective all-in-one design. The e500 Storefront ECR converts previously cluttered checkout areas into clean organized area and provides all the POS functions a small business needs.


  • E500 Android Operating System
  • Credit, Debit and Gift card acceptance, adds QR payment, mobile wallet, and cash
  • Dual camera for QR code and bar code scanning
  • Receipt printing with cutter
  • Cash drawer
  • Customer display
  • Communications, including WiFi, Bluetooth, and 3G/4G
  • Inventory management
  • Can be expanded to other platforms over time

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Email us at, call 844-319-5635 or get started by completing our form and tell us about you!