Sound Payments is a multi-channel, diversified technology company with innovators and experts in the Payments, Healthcare, Petroleum and Financial Services Industries. Our company supports business growth worldwide by providing cutting-edge, simplified software and hardware solutions in multiple industries.
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Brian Cutler

Brian is Vice President at Sound Payments Inc. within the Healthcare Solutions Channel. He was Founder and President of Electronic Transaction Solutions (ETA).  ETA joined forces with Sound Payments in 2017, working with Practice Management System companies and dental practices to provide an advanced Eligibility and Benefit Verification System and innovative payment solutions.


Brian was previously Founder of OneMind Health (formerly Mercury Data Exchange) in 2007 and served as Executive Vice President, applying many years of experience in applying real time transactions solutions to both the healthcare and financial industries.


Brian has assisted many companies, including well known health plans, by creating strategies and implementation plans for real-time transaction initiatives as well as overseeing the actual process of putting these highly successful strategies and plans to work.


Brian served in many capacities with EDIT Inc. (Electronic Direct Internet Transactions), including Founder, Executive Vice President and President.  He provided high-level strategic direction for EDIT to help position its products and services to maximize penetration in the market and to address market trends on an ongoing basis.


While Brian was with Hewlett Packard/VeriFone Inc., he was directly involved in the placement of more than 50,000 transaction processing systems to traditional insurers. He was also the catalyst behind VeriFone’s largest business arrangement that resulted in the signing of a $20 million contract with the U.S. Postal Service, resulting in the placement of 70,000 point of sales terminals.


Prior to VeriFone, Brian managed a portfolio of McDonnell Douglas Payment Systems Company customers, including Citicorp.


Brian is passionate about providing valuable solutions in the healthcare industry and making an impact in people’s lives. He lives in Jacksonville Beach, FL with his wife and Border Collie.

Get-to-know Brian Q & A

What attracted you to Sound Payments?

The search for a ubiquitous payments solution for various healthcare opportunities led me to Sound Payments. Sound Payment’s flexibility, expertise and web based solutions were ideal.

What is your Focus at Sound Payments?

My focus is building a healthcare vertical.

How do you create value and what do you enjoy the most?

Value is created through expanding healthcare solutions to include payments. I love seeing the “AHA’ moment when potential customers understand the value of integration.

What would be the top two most interesting places you visited and what was the most memorable moment?

My favorite trips were to Australia and Alaska. In Alaska we took a helicopter to the top of a glacier. Fog and a storm rolled in faster than anticipated. The trip back to the mainland was quite memorable.

What is your favorite book?

My favorite book is The Tipping Point. A profound and necessary read for those who believe in change for the greater good.